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Elaine & Luisa Picks Archive His portfolio: get Jewish artists, writers and intellectuals out of Europe. In a compelling novel filled with fascinating characters, Orringer brings us a complex love story and hair-raising adventures. Hessler was on the scene as the Arab Spring erupted. He takes us with him as he covers protests in Tahrir Square, the resignation of President Mubarak, the parliamentary elections that brought Muhamed Morsi to power and the military overthrow that led to the presidency of General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Criminal syndicates bought girls from poor Chinese families and brought them to California to be prostitutes and unpaid servants. There, they provided housing, education, and job training. They went to court and stood up to the criminals. Siler brings us the important, overlooked stories of heroic white and Chinese women. She turned to the lawyer who had helped her defect and, as their relationship grew closer, the CIA became nervous. Born into a dysfunctional Roman Catholic family, Chris Rush was always a boy who stood out. His expansive spirit shone while he raced around his neighborhood in a pink satin cape or practiced fainting on command.

That same internal flame sees him through years of drug abuse and adventures until he finally has had enough. With the eye of a visual artist, Chris beautifully paints the scenes of his life, but it is his effortless use of humor and honesty that transforms this memoir into a tour de force. Then it hits you, this is a terrific story. A multi-generational saga of the Milton family as they struggle with their loss of stature and realization of how their own shameless prejudices played a vital role. Compelling without being rushed, multifaceted without losing its heart, its expansiveness perfectly balanced with intimacy, you will savor every page.

The Parade by Dave Eggers Meet two first-world contractors who are sent to an African country that is still reeling from a recent Civil War. Their job: get a road built across the country in time for a big parade. These economic mercenaries go by the pseudonyms, Four and Nine. Four is a by the book guy. Nine is gregarious and lusty, and his actions put them in peril. Four begins to question his own actions, his responsibility for his co-worker, and the ethics of the work they were hired to do. Will this road be good for the people? Do social and economic progress go hand in hand—or not?

With nine narrators, this book could have been a mess, but Laila Lalami lets all of them tell us about the late Moroccan immigrant, Driss Guerraoui. As each narrator reveals secrets, a fascinating picture emerges. Iraq War Vet, Jeremy, is trying to help Nora while dealing with his own demons. Efrain is undocumented and could be deported soon. Like a symphony conductor, Laila Lalami, allows each character to solo and then to step back into the literary orchestra. The result is a nuanced, compelling tale. The Book of Delights by Ross Gay You can hear the smile in his voice as Ross Gay details the little things that have brought him delight for one year.

From how a young tomato plant brings out the tender smiles on his traveling companions to the perfect curve of his coffee cup handle. Each moment may be uniquely delightful for him and yet his openness in sharing these moments reminds us of the universal desire to find happiness, relief, and beauty. When All is Said by Anne Griffin This is a tender portrait is of a life buoyed by love and scarred by regret. On a Saturday night Maurice Hannagin sits at the bar, raising a glass to the most important people in his life.

Recounting the moments that have shaped him, he reflects on all he has had and lost. Anne Griffin effortlessly illustrates a man determined to have his final reckoning on his own terms, Hannagin is honest and full of Irish charm. Here you will find your best friend, mother, sister, and maybe yourself. Every story resonates with honesty and every choice treated with tenderness. Humor and regret settle into the corners of these lives, and the many facets of motherhood are exposed.

The Six is a band on the cusp of greatness whose lead singer, Billy Dunne, struggles with fatherhood and fame. In this novel each memory is illuminated by the passion, love and regret we recognize in the greatest rock anthems and come to expect in the work of the talented Taylor Jenkins Reid, This wonderfully exuberant addition is no exception. As her expectations fail to meet reality, Philpott is forced to reexamine what the goalposts in her life really mean.

From discovering mom talk is boring to getting into a neighborhood pet standoff her stories are unique, but the deeper thread they pull is recognizable in us all. It is not unusual to find yourself both laughing and crying when reading this brilliant collection of essays.

Lights All Night Long by Lydia Fitzpatrick The courage of youth and beauty of faith is crystallized in this story of love, loss, and acceptance. Now, as Ilya navigates his new life in Louisiana, he is determined to save his brother who is accused of murder back in Russia. He does not do this alone, as he has formed a bond with the older daughter of his host family.

She was a talented, delightful girl attending a prestigious college when she became an addict. As Paige slips away, Simon and the boyfriend have a fight and Simon not only gets beaten up, he gets arrested and his world goes off the rails. London is bombed every night. In spite of the barriers for a woman war correspondent, Catherine was determined to have a career as one of Edward R.

As Masie investigates, the suspects pile up, and the effort to convince the American public that American must enter the war, becomes crucial. The women of Jeju support the island by diving for sea life in the frigid water. The girls become diving partners, and they share their secrets. They support each other through marriage and motherhood. But then there is a betrayal and mass murder of Jeju people, and that friendship is broken. Required to eat food that might kill them, the women divide into factions.

Some are outspoken fanatics who adore Hitler. As it becomes obvious that the Allies will prevail, Rosa realizes that everyone she knows is on the wrong side of history. When a tech guy decides to monetize Mental Archery -- what could go wrong? This book is spot on, unnerving, and wildly funny. It will make some people fall into uncontrollable laughter while others may hate you for it. Here we find Shalini, struggling with the death of her mother, leading Shalini on a journey to resolve her past while also hoping it will direct her towards a possible future.

Staggering beauty and dangerous terrain are explored as she experiences incredible generosity as well as judgment and hostility amongst both strangers and friends. Pull up a chair as you peek into a diary of esteemed historian, travel writer and delightfully opinionated nonagenarian, Jan Morris.

She tells us of her beloved partner, Elizabeth, her grandchildren, her home in Wales and the current state of the world. Some entries are poetic and philosophical while others are wickedly funny. All are right on point. From the forests of Romania to the deserts of California we follow the story of a piano as it impacts the people who grow to care for it, or have its care thrust upon them. Clara impulsively puts the piano, that last link to her deceased parents, up for sale. Instantly regretting it, she becomes entangled with Greg, a young man struggling with a grief of his own, hoping to find solace through the same piano.

Chris Cander eloquently examines the questions of loss and love. Audrey is plunged into a mystery of the past after her own life has taken a tragic turn. Soon she discovers that the passage of time moves differently for those who have experienced great loss. As she attempts to unearth the secrets of her small town, and her possibly dangerous connection to them, she also must struggle to come to peace with the pain in her own life.

Bertha first appears in the Salford Cemetery with a small wooden ball, candlepin, and no answers to her past. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to Bertha than meets the eye, and perhaps her influence extends beyond the laws of this world. Elizabeth McCracken packs more life into her sentences than many authors pack into their whole books. The result is a wonderfully vibrant cast of characters and a story that reminds us of the magic of love. Alicia was a talented painter and devoted wife until the night she was discovered still as a statue and covered in blood, apparently having killed her husband.

The answer as to why has remained locked inside of Alicia, who became mute following the murder. Six years later Theo, a young psychologist, is determined to get the mysterious Alicia to spill all of her secrets. The final surprise will have you rethinking every riveting scene in this brilliant debut. Acceptance and fundamentalism, romance and tradition, love and violence are all present, daring her to try to keep the peace amongst such passionate advocates.

As a child, Dani noticed that she was blond and blue eyed while the rest of her family of New Jersey Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews had dark hair and eyes. When she was 54, a DNA test revealed that her father was not her biological father. With the support of her husband and son, Shapiro began a quest to unravel the secrets of her parentage. She discovered that a doctor from Portland was the sperm donor. How do you react when you learn that everything your parents told you about who you are turns out to be untrue.

Read this fascinating book before you send off your own DNA. Yeganeh was released, but Jason was imprisoned for almost 2 years. Curious, Grace opens the suitcase and finds photos of 12 different women. She takes the pictures and is determined to find out who they are. She reveals her deepest secrets along with the important people and places of her life. Many stories are tragic and yet all are imbued with her delightful sense of humor, creating a sort of dance as we move through a life that has not been easy but was always interesting.

Lucia Berlin will forever be remembered as one of the great short story writers of our time. The Flame: Poems Notebooks Lyrics Drawings by Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen left us this magnificent collection of poetry and drawings as well as the lyrics of his last three albums. In The Flame , he allows us inside his heart. As we read these poems, we can almost hear that gravelly voice. He wrote with candor and self-deprecating humor about his faith, his fears, his gratitude, and his love.

He was about love—all kinds of love. Pick up this book and immerse yourself in these revealing drawings and brilliant poems. Your soul will be singing Hallelujah. Baby Inja was left in the care of her grandparents, aunt, and uncle. When the Korean War broke out in , travel to Korea became impossible. Inja survived the war, but she thought of her American family as ghosts. She finally came to the U. Eugene Kim tells the story in alternating chapters in the voice of each sister. This enthralling novel immerses us in the life in the U. After a soul-searching journey abroad, Anton Winters returns to the celebrated N.

With humor and affection, Barbash opens a door to the past and reminds us just what a remarkable a time it was. What he found was that presidents faced with war-or-peace decisions sometimes lose their bearings. James Madison, who was distrustful of presidential war powers, nevertheless talked himself into the unjustifiable War of James Polk built on those tactics, using some very contemporary-sounding manipulations of public opinion to get the nation into the Mexican War in And the battle with such self-delusion in high places continues to this day.

If there are answers to be found in our history, Beschloss will find them. It begins with a bloodied stranger bursting upon the scene, carrying a large package, which turns out to be young girl. As the mystery of her death and then life unfolds, stories long hidden come forth from all corners of this English village.

It is pure joy to escape into the world of this master storyteller. A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne This is a deliciously dark novel of a man whose ambition surpasses his talent. Those who are close to him crave his attention, even as his thirst for recognition tramples their dreams. Maurice Swift has always wanted to be a famous author. While he may not be able to craft a bestselling novel, he is skilled at drawing out the secrets and stories of those more talented.

He is introduced to us by his first victim, a writer blinded by attraction and starved for companionship. We see the depths that Maurice will go to through the eyes of each of his targets. Gayatri was ready to flee her marriage and motherhood for soaring freedom. Her son was 9 when she left, but now he is a grumpy man in his sixties. Unlike his mother, he stayed in the village where, as Superintendent of Horticulture, his world revolves around trees and flowers. He receives a packet of letters his mother wrote to a friend after she left. As her son reads the words of this free-spirited woman, he comes to understand why she left.

He too becomes interested in the world beyond his village. In Dark Sacred Night we once again meet Renee Ballard, a smart, tough cop whose career veered off course when she resisted sexual harassment at work. Renee finds herself drawn into the investigation. As the layers of the mystery are unearthed, the trust between the two detectives grows.

From the spot-on dialogue, to the surprising twists and turns, this is Michael Connelly at his best. How do you raise a child who stood up to the Taliban and inspired courage throughout the world? He tells us what he has learned from his children, including the heart-breaking moment when they return to the place where Malala was so brutally attacked. The vivid descriptions of the fire that engulfed the Los Angeles Central Library in are burnished by her meticulous research on the history of libraries.

The mystery of who would start such a massive fire is woven between stories of eccentric librarians and the transformation of Los Angeles in the 20th Century. Orlean has crafted a love letter to the importance of the written word and those that devote their lives to its preservation.

Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny Chief Superintendent Armand Gamache is surprised to find that he and his bookseller friend, Myrna, have been appointed executors of a will. Neither was close to the deceased, but they knew she cleaned houses for people in Three Pines. It was odd that she referred to herself as Baroness. When one of the beneficiaries of the will dies, Armand finds himself deep in a murder investigation.

My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite This dark and spirited noir-thriller tells the tale of two sisters tangled up by the deadly dating habits of one and the obsessive cleaning habits of the other. Korede is a nurse who knows just how to dispose of a body and how to respond when her younger sister calls to tell her she has killed again..

Interactions with the corrupt police in Lagos, the mercurial father of their youth, their disapproving mother at home, and the handsome doctor at work, allow us to see the intelligence and dark humor that has allowed Korede and Ayoola to survive for so long—but when will their luck run out? Her life is very different from that of her dear friend, Bella, who married an Italian and moved to Italy. After Bella dies, Tina writes a letter to the curator of a museum in Sweden that she and Bella had dreamed of visiting together.

The original curator is long dead, but the current curator answers her letter. The correspondence that begins between this man and woman, who seemingly have nothing in common. Just when you think you know where this book is going, you are in for a surprise. Now, David Grann brings us an incredible but true story of adventure and obsession. Henry Worsley idolized the 19th-century polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton. September - October The bright spark of his intellect catches the attention of this unconventional scientist. But as the bond between them grows, so do the threats around them.

Gbessa was born in Africa where she was shunned because of the circumstances of her birth. June Dey escaped from slavery on a Virginia plantation. Norman Aragon had a Jamaican mother and the fair complexion of his terrible British father. Moore beautifully illustrates the conflicted desires of human nature and the pain and hope that led to the creation of Liberia. She fervently supported the Equal Rights Amendment.

She was pro-choice. She was an advocate for gun control. When she had a mastectomy, she talked about it and brought a hidden subject into the light. In the she spoke of her own addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. She was the founder of the Betty Ford Center which has revolutionized treatment for addiction. And she did it all with humor, courage and deep devotion. As shocking revelations unfold, Jean discovers being a hero starts with speaking the truth. Dinner List by Rebecca Serle This is a book that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Asked to come up with a wishlist of dinner guests, Sabrina never dreams that she will have the opportunity to live this fantasy, let alone discuss old issues and uncomfortable truths with those invited.

This touching novel reminds us that new beginnings often spring from a complicated past. Charlotte Roy is a young mother on the run from a life that was quickly going nowhere. Together they might just save each other. Berney skillfully paints the picture of America at the crossroads as this road trip takes us from the throbbing clubs of New Orleans to the burning lights of Las Vegas, and along the way from despair to redemption. She was raised to never ask what her family did during the war, a decision which untethered her from history without a sense of her own identity.

After moving to America, Nora decides she must return home to search for the unvarnished story of her family during the war. Virgil Wander by Leif Enger Virgil Wander may have been a bit of a curmudgeon before he crashed into the lake, but when he emerges it is without the blinders of his past or the burdens of his personality. His new-found clarity allows him to appreciate the people around him and their daily struggles.

Together with a mysterious stranger, Virgil works towards redemption for themselves and the town. This is a novel about America that shows us our faults and gently allows us to discover our strengths. He tells why they had to turn to the sea to escape the war that destroyed their country. The love of the father for his child and the recollection of nature, family, and life connects this child to all humanity.

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Transcription by Kate Atkinson Kate Atkinson is a master of literary suspense. Her sharp wit enables her to build worlds that are both achingly familiar and yet completely foreign. This Wold War II story is remarkable from the first twist to the unexpected ending. The protagonist Juliet learns just how insidious spy craft is, even for a country you love. An unanticipated invitation to become an undercover agent in has now come back to haunt her decades later. He was sent to a field hospital in the Carpathian Mountains, where despite his inexperience and scant training, he was the doctor in charge.

The only nurse at the hospital, Sister Margaret, taught him to be a surgeon. When a shell shocked, frost bitten, uncommunicative patient arrived, Lucius became obsessed with finding a cure for this man he called the Winter Soldier. At great personal risk, Jose Antonio Vargas told the world that he was brought here from the Philippines at age 12 as an undocumented immigrant and that he now faces deportation.

Dear America is riveting and courageous. I was taken by the gentility and humor that Vargas brings to the telling of his own experience and how, without preaching, he illuminates the lives of the undocumented. Our country is fortunate to have such a citizen. She teaches at a college and she is pregnant. She is trying to write a memoir. When Susan was three years old, she watched her father murder her mother. Now, Danny has been released from prison. He is dying and he wants to reconnect with his daughter. In the hands of Andre Dubus, a master story teller, we find ourselves deeply immersed in the lives of complex and fascinating characters.

Read it because the master story teller, Andre Dubus, will plunge you into a page turning thriller that dives into the complex lives of fascinating characters. The result is a gorgeous, honest, illuminating, and at times heartbreaking book. We learn about her lonely, and at times terrifying, childhood. She became the beloved and celebrated actor who started in film at 17 as Gidget. Her career could have ended with the Flying Nun, but Sally persisted and against the predictions of the powerful, she went on to play such complex roles as Sybil, Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln.

She found her way as an actor, a daughter and a mother. It is the honest portrayal of her relationships, especially with her mother, that make In Pieces so powerful. The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai This is a captivating, sweeping novel of those who lost loved ones during the AIDS epidemic and were forever changed by that tragedy. Yale and Fiona both lost many friends. Moving from to present day, Makkai shows us the full scope of this devastation. The fear and shame that too often accompanied the disease in the 80s can still cling to the survivors today.

But there is also love and healing that are mined like diamonds throughout this impressive novel. Al, a cattle broker, spends most of his nights on the road. Their two oldest children, Leon and Rene, find solace in a local dance class. Eve tries to smooth everything over, desperate to hang on to a volatile marriage to a man she both loves and despises. This beautifully written novel takes readers to a place where painful memories live alongside hopes and dreams. Her new novel reminds us why we cared so deeply for her characters and were swept up in the beauty and depth of her prose.

Bhima is a woman of strength who has been dealt some cruel challenges at a late stage of life. She forms a bond with a woman even more destitute than herself, and they find true friendship. And while searching for the strength to survive the challenges ahead, Bhima finds the strength she needs within herself. An American ambulance driver stays on after the war to help a priest collect the bones of dead soldiers from the battlefields.

Years later, while working in Hollywood, he comes across a fellow journalist from those heady post-war days who helps him unravel the complex truth. Dybek is a master at creating an atmosphere of war, of decadence amid the rubble, and of dipping in and out of history.

The Incendiaries by R. Kwon This is a beautiful and shocking tale of two college students, Will and Phoebe, who are grappling with loss and seeking redemption. As they attempt to control the narrative of their unforgiving pasts, their differing visions of a better future tempt them to relinquish the best parts of themselves. There is an intimacy to R. Thoughtfully addressing the big questions while never losing sight of the small details, The Incendiaries is a captivating debut.

The setting is the final voyage of a s ocean liner, replete with vintage decor, dressing for dinner, and retro cocktails. What could go wrong? Actually, everything. The pleasures of the cruise give way to heartache and conflict, as the luxurious trip turns into something akin to a floating prison. Left adrift with little food, lots of illness, and other worries on the horizon, the tension among the passengers is matched by their valor and ingenuity.

Amelia Earhart was the most famous, but the others were no less passionate and courageous: Louise McPhetridge Thaden, Ruth Nichols, Ruth Elder, and Florence Klingensmith all climbed into rickety planes, sat in open cockpits, worked with unreliable instruments, and braved life-threatening changes. This is a vivid, suspenseful story of women determined to defy gravity— and men—to fulfill their lofty dreams. Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier This is an exquisitely dark and satisfying thriller.

A hard-hearted politician experiences a change of heart with the help of some drag queens and ghosts in this jukebox Christmas musical. This original musical is sure to be a fun and unique holiday experience. Gingerbread is back in season, and what better way to celebrate than by constructing a cookie house for charity.

Montrose Grace Place MGP , a drop-in shelter for vulnerable youth of all gender identities and sexualities, hosts its third annual Gingerbread House Competition to raise funds for its programs. Houston drag performer Duckie Dujour emcees the competition, which will be held at Kindred on Missouri Street. MGP was founded in by Kindred members who wanted to provide a safe space for homeless adolescents in the Montrose area.

Mraz, who identifies as bisexual, started as a San Diego coffee shop singer-songwriter. Now, this mindset is in no way specific to RuPaul, though it is perpetuated at the end of every episode of one of the most popular LGBTQ shows on television. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the queer community, with trans individuals facing an even higher risk.

RuPaul of others. While self-love is something we should all strive for, it is not a static state.

An overview

When All is Said by Anne Griffin This is a tender portrait is of a life buoyed by love and scarred by regret. She is determined to provide ways for us to listen to each other. Reviewed August 17, Liberty Apartment Hotel Agoda Homes. Kickear Por haberte encargado de las opciones de kickeo 16 July Who else has this badge? Excellent cleanliness 8.

Even the best among us have bad days. Healing is not linear, and for those of us who already struggle with self-worth issues, there is no magic trick that uses positive thinking to catapult you into sublime, everlasting happiness. This pushes the depressed and the traumatized back into the shadows, further reinforcing their isolation and their hesitance to reach out.

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The prevalence of supportive and healing online communities means that no one needs to be alone in their pain. People with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, depression, PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, and addiction are not somehow worth less because of their struggles. You are not a bad person if you cannot instantly emerge from your bed and transform into a glittering, ethereal Instagram vision of glowing self-love.

Sadness is not a moral failing. Well, apparently electing Ted Cruz gets you six years of dreadfully bad luck and an extra dose of creepy. On the upside, we had electoral merriment locally. Both Harris and Fort Bend counties took the bridle off, threw out the frying pan, and let the panther scream. Democrats took every countywide office that was on the ballot. Although Democrats made big gains in the Texas House, we will have to do better in two years to capture a majority.

So, I want you to start sleeping with one eye on alert and the other half open. Bonnen is not fond of people, and supports as much hate legislation as allowed by law. However, I do think he likes girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, as well as snowflakes that stay on his nose and eyelashes. Bonnen is a year-old from Angleton. His pro-discrimination argument compared same-sex marriages to polygamy, pedophilia, and incest. The short answer is no.

Speaking Out Rep. In theory, I might agree with that. In theory, I might flap my ears and fly to the moon. So keep an eye on this guy. Democrats in Washington are about to own the House of Representatives. I was pondering what I want the Democratic House to accomplish next year. Then I stopped and asked myself what I see them doing in my wildest dreams. Declare special prosecutor Robert Mueller a national monument 8. Auction off Florida. Give Donald Trump Jr. Challenge Russia to a dodgeball game.

They get Putin, we get Trump. We can cheer for both sides. The loser just remains a loser. I hope your holidays are merry, bright, and full of jingle. In fact, with the recent confirmation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, much of the hard-fought progress that has been made by the LGBTQ community could be in jeopardy.

And that may not bode well for your financial security. Just a few short years ago in , the Supreme Court struck down the antigay Defense of Marriage Act DOMA , opening the door for married same-sex couples to partake in federal benefits that were long overdue. Unfortunately, in the next few months, it is anticipated that the U. In addition, when Kavanaugh refused under oath to say whether the DOMA case was properly decided, it sent an alarming and clear signal. With that in mind, even the most carefully crafted financial plan—and even one that is based on the most recent marriage-equality decisions—may need to be revised to ensure protections for you and your spouse or partner.

After the DOMA decision, many LGBTQ couples were relieved that Social Security began recognizing same-sex marriages, as well as some non-marital legal relationships, for the purposes of determining entitlement to benefits. So after years of paying into the Social. For instance, legal docuBrett Kavanaugh ments and trusts can provide you with the opportunity to specify where Security system, same-sex spouses have finally and to whom your assets will pass.

For instance, if you and your partner could mean the difference between being able own assets as joint tenants with right of survivorto pay future living expenses or enduring a ship, money or property will automatically pass much less stable financial situation.

Going forto the other joint tenant s , without having to go ward, however, these benefit entitlements are in through probate. The same could hold true with regard to insur- are unable to make them on your own. Without such documents, important decisions could ance contracts such as second-to-die life policies, instead be left to a blood relative, or even the as well as annuities with joint-income riders. For instance, depending on whether benefit entitlements are grandfathered, does it Grace S.

Yung, CFP, is a certified financial make sense for unmarried same-sex couples to planner practitioner with experience in helping tie the knot now to avoid uncertainty later? Yung can be reached at life-changing. This is one reason why getting your financial. Affirming, compassionate care for everyone. Avita Pharmacy is united in our commitment to providing affirming, compassionate care to anyone and everyone. I love hearing my favorite Christmas songs on the radio.

I have a Spotify channel specifically to house my Christmas tunes with soul. I love rolling through different parts of Houston to see neighborhoods lit up with holiday lights. And I love ice-skating at Discovery Green and the Galleria. As the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive. But one of the things I hope I receive hint, hint is a new computer. My Dell desktop is running Windows XP, just to give you an idea how old it is. One of my other Christmas wishes came early when Democrats swept Harris County in the November elections. I would also place under the Texas trans Christmas tree a statewide nondiscrimination law that includes gender identity and expression.

Every Texas school district, college, and university would have nondiscrimination and anti-bullying policies that cover trans people. I want to see an end to trans kids being tossed out of their homes for being trans. I want homeless shelters in the Lone Star State to house trans people based on their presentation and not their genitalia, and for other residents and staff to treat them with dignity and respect. I want an end to trans kids and trans adults attempting to commit suicide because of the bullying from their families, their peers, evil-gelical pastors, and right-wing politicians.

This Christmas, I would give Texas trans people the ability to change their names and gender markers without drama, disrespect from judges, or having to travel to Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. I would have another law passed that makes so-called reparative therapy illegal in the Lone Star State. If I were zipping around our ginormous state bearing gifts, I would also like to see the concrete electoral ceiling come crashing down for trans Texans who wish to run for public office. I want to see trans Texans elected to serve in every office, from dog catcher to the State Legislature.

Speaking of news, I want to see a trans person reporting the news on one of our local TV stations in Houston. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX o f www. Not including injectables. Happiness is a bare-knuckle brawl that you have with yourself every day upon waking. You will not always win. You can still love and be a worthy partner, no matter how much you struggle yourself. Love is not split in half or rationed when you choose to love someone while struggling to love yourself.

Pushing through your own pain to love someone else, making that much room in your heart, is profound and noble. To all those who are wading through the darkness, please know that your love is not broken or tainted. It is pure and inherently valuable. Thank you for giving any love you can spare.

Thank you for loving despite a cultural narrative that tries to render you incapable. You are capable.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Thank you. Kathryn Way is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine. These modern yet timeless townhomes reflect a collaboration of intelligent and passionate minds working together to build and deliver a beautiful home our buyers can enjoy for years to come. I want to see trans people working behind the TV cameras and in newsrooms as well. I would also bring an end to anti-trans attitudes within our TBLGQ community and the organizations that represent it. Martin Luther King Jr. I would also like to see a trans Texan win Miss Texas-Universe.

My final gift delivery before I headed back to the North Pole on Christmas Day would be for our trans kids. I not only want their parents to believe them when they announce that they are trans, I also want that revelation to result in the kids living childhoods that are as normal as their cisgender friends. If the detractors out there think this will never happen, think again. Equal Housing Opportunity. Pictured is the championship team, Empire Kicks Back. Pictured are some of the participants and supporters.

Now you are working on your first greatest hit. Be Inspired. Take OutSmart along. Snap a high-res pic of yourself with the magazine and send it to us. Send to: Letters OutSmartMagazine. Tag us on Facebook or hashtag us on Instagram. No RSVP required. After the curtain goes down, the party continues with free bites, drink specials, and live music. Mingle with the cast and crew members, sing a few show tunes, and celebrate an inclusive Houston.

All are welcome! INFO tuts. INFO: Galvestonrestaurantweek. Enjoy food, beverages, door prizes and FUN!!! This pre-curtain reception starts at p. Show starts at p. Three decades later, Robison, 62, has led the organization through a profound transformation. The trust that Ann has built with the City government, with our local community, has helped us achieve our goal. So how did a heterosexual woman from a.

The credit for her evolution goes to the intrepid teenage-fiction sleuth, Nancy Drew.

Predictions for 2018 Part 2.5

Born in Butler, Pennsylvania, Robison grew up in the tiny town of Connoquenessing. Her mother taught her to sew, and she loved creating costumes for student theatrical productions. Pittsburgh with a dual major in psychology and sociology. She then volunteered full-time for six months at Pittsburgh Action Against Rape as an advocate for sexual-assault survivors. She would take the bus to the hospital at night, meet survivors, help them navigate the hospital and the police, and support their emotional recovery. While there, she co-founded the Austin chapter of NOW and went on to serve as the president of its Texas chapter.

She ran a sexual-assault hotline out of her living room and also participated in marches, protests, testified at the Capitol, and took part in NOW consciousnessraising sessions. She arrived at what was then called the Montrose Counseling Center at the end of Robison also brought strong administrative skills that helped buoy the organization.

In the mids, the quilt was displayed at the University of Saint Thomas in Montrose, but that Catholic university would not allow condoms to be distributed during the event. So it was very important to be able to have that teaching moment when you had people that had some interest in the subject. In her spare time, Robison enjoys playing with her pet turtle and her bird. She also takes trips with her longtime partner, Houston attorney Greg Gladden.

Andrew Edmonson is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine. And that is something to celebrate. You know what else we can celebrate? Twenty Culberson of the 34 women who were elected to Congress for the first time will replace male incumbents—many of them old, white, and conservative. Culberson spent most of his time in Congress blocking mass-transit initiatives and investigating whether there is water on Europa, an icy moon orbiting Jupiter. Hidalgo, the first female and first Hispanic county judge, is a year-old immigrant and Stanford graduate.

Pleasant Gehman

Some have chalked up these flips to Beto-mania and straight-ticket voting, rather than great campaigns and good candidates. But either way you slice it, the result is the same. These are seats that have always been disproportionately occupied by old white guys, and the next Congress will look a lot more like the country it represents.

Most of it involved mass shootings across the country. No region was exempt. The most notable massacre near Houston was the school shooting in Santa Fe, where several students were killed while in art class. You could drown in statistics telling us that the country is becoming increasingly violent with each passing year. Transgender women continue to be murdered at an alarming rate, with little attention from the mainstream media.

Some of that blame can be laid at the feet of groups like the US Pastor Council, an innocuously named organization that started in Houston and is growing. The price of their treachery is the blood of the LGBTQ community, and they seem to be fine with that. Not very pastor-like, if you ask me. These groups have been assisted by legislators willing to draft discriminatory legislation such as the anti-trans bathroom bills, one of which floundered and died in the Texas House in Let that be a warning to the other ideological legislators who would rather harm the state than govern it.

By the end of October, the performer-mogulKardashian-spouse issued a public mea culpa for his erratic behavior over the preceding months. In September, the MAGA-capwearing artist had a televised meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, where Kanye rattled on for more than 20 nonsensical minutes and lauded the president with hugs and praise. This was after a similar rambling performance on SNL, where he also donned a MAGA hat and said he had been bullied by the cast for his support. Republicans also reported similar scenarios in which machines would delete their votes for Cruz altogether.

The Republican-appointed secretary of state issued a statement saying the malfunction was due to user error and that voters needed to double-check their ballots. One wonders if their response would have been so dismissive if the error had helped the Democrats. I think we can guess the answer. You may be wondering: who is Stan Stanart? Stanart is the man in charge of elections and marriage licenses, to put it simply. When marriage equality came down in and LGBTQ couples went to get licenses, Stanart was the one who made a desperate last-ditch effort to deny them for several hours.

And he is also the guy who posted anti-semitic propaganda about George Soros on his campaign page. He is the literal worst. And he is finally gone. See ya down at Fraggle Rock, Stan.

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That sounds like a choice. He scored his eighth number-one album with the release of Ye only a few weeks later. His ninth album, Yandhi, dropped November It seemed that every few weeks, a new video went viral showing some sad white woman calling the cops on a black person for doing the most mundane of things. In each of these instances, the Internet would crown the antagonist with a new moniker. You may recall the sad white woman in California who called the cops on some black children for selling water while black: PermitPatty. One of the most virulent of those videos was of a sad white woman in Oakland who called the cops on a family for barbecuing while black.

When the video of her histrionics went viral, she was named BarbecueBecky. Despite video after video humiliating these sad white ladies, they still keep calling the cops. This tendency to draw false equivalencies has been evident for some Sayoc time on news-entertain-. Meanwhile, panel after panel of talking heads will debate issues such as the Charlottesville riots as though there could be some positive or productive purpose for white supremacy. These false equivalencies lack any sense of objectivity and serve to mislead less-criticalthinking viewers.

The letter, if authentic, is tantamount to treason, even if the writer is part of a figurative dam holding back floods. The situation robs the American people of a clear understanding of what their president is doing, and puts major policy decisions in the hands of unelected people. Jeff Sessions. After the hashtag BoycottElTiempo began trending, the company removed those social-media pages and issued an apology. I imagine they learned that no one in Montrose wants a side of Trump with their Tex-Mex.

Her show was swiftly cancelled a few days later. Her show was cancelled the next day. We should really blame the networks for being too stupid to recognize how clueless they were when they hired them. That surprise vote violated several open-meetings laws and embarrassed the community. Ryan Leach is a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine. Call the Realtor who can take your living situation from drag to fab The family moved to the Fort Bend County area when Bui was in high school.

I especially love the kids that come by; they ask great questions while I am working. It really teaches me about my own art [as I find] ways to explain it to others. Because of the nearby Texas Medical Center, we get a lot of cancer patients coming in to look at art, and they share their stories and their love of art. It reminds me how important art is. And then one day Autumn Knight came by and we started talking.

I was so excited to meet her. Bui also enjoys reading, warming up in the studio by dancing, and listening to the music of Rina Sawyama and Blood Orange. Or you could drop in at the Houston Contemporary Craft Center on the weekends this month and watch the artist at work. Marene Gustin is a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine.

They will be joined by three other trans youth—Jason, Vinny, and Cass—for a special Christmas where they will be fully accepted for who they are. Earlier in the day, they will open presents. The night before, Sims will host her annual Christmas Eve party, complete with handmade tamales and other Tex-Mex dishes. Pondo intervened when she saw their lives wobbling, and Sims is delighted. Trans youth homelessness remains a major problem in Houston and across the nation. Some youth are thrown out because their parents will not allow a trans child to live with them.

Other youth are thrown out emotionally: while they can still live at home, there is no supportive environment. It is a happy family of five. She also explains that the phrase ties of trans life. Over time, her comprehension used her skills as a public-relations consultant. Pando loves to sing, and will be one of the Sims, a member of Bering Memorial United leads in her high-school musical for the fourth Methodist Church in Montrose, has been an consecutive year. Following a bout with having the wrong but had to drop out of school cancer in her 20s, Sims name on it.

But at 42, she finally —Vinny, 20 school when he was He lauds gave birth. Sims thinks her the Houston Independent School mother and grandmother District for its support and protection of trans would be pleased. It turns out they got one! She strives to educate people tance and stability he had been denied so often.

He would like to specialize in research on the link between trans youth and depression. SignatureCare treats minor and major emergency care needs 24 hours a day. Make great gifts! Skype, Facetime, etc. He owned a lot of jeans and bib overalls. Vinny remembers a low point of his life at 11 when he was asked to be a bridesmaid for his stepmother. He says the frilly gown felt awful. There was lots of hair spray, but he balked at the makeup. Early last month, Vinny went to Austin to legally change his name and gender marker.

He is studying at Houston Community College, majoring in liberal arts. She has found a place to live in Montrose. She has a girlfriend, and they consider themselves to be a lesbian couple. Brandon Wolf is a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine. To experience the Legacy Pharmacy difference, stop by one of our pharmacies or contact us at: Legacy Pharmacy - Montrose California St. Caring and supportive Pharmacists Personalized health and wellness coaching One-on-one medication counseling Programs to help manage medicine Health screenings Vaccinations Easy prescription refills Shorter wait times.

By Lourdes Zavaleta. Amy was referred to Montrose Grace Place MGP through a friend, and she began attending their youth night every Thursday until she aged out. On youth nights we got hot meals, clean clothes, hygiene products, and bus passes. The volunteers also sat down to eat with us, and always made us feel important. However, with the youth nights having a maximum capacity of 25, MGP has regularly had to turn people away. To meet this growing demand, MGP will kick off its 10th-anniversary year by launching a second youth night on Mondays, beginning January 7.

Courtney Sellers the agency to serve those who cannot make it to Kindred on Thursdays. Some of the youth who do attend on Thursday nights need more resources. We want to be there for all of them. Deb Murphey, a youth program manager for the Montrose Center, assists in connecting homeless youth to services in Houston. The food they share is almost always home-cooked and donated.

Our dinners have consisted of pizza, sloppy joes, chicken, and Chinese food. In October, Houston drag performers Blackberri and Cyn City judged a fashion show where the youth were runway models. Before guests leave the youth night, they are given items to meet their immediate needs such as snacks, toiletries, and bus passes. Those who arrive after youth night has reached its capacity are sent away with food and bottled water. Although MGP has no plans to become an overnight shelter, Sellers says she hopes the organization can add even more nights to better serve youth like Amy, who now has her own apartment where she lives with her 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

Lourdes Zavaleta is a staff writer for OutSmart magazine. Totally R. By Marene Gustin. I think there is nothing more liberating as a woman than understanding that you alone are a force, you alone are okay. For many years, I have attended the Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial service and discovered that our trans community is targeted for violence for just being who they are. I felt it was important to empower that community with selfdefense. To our knowledge, Precinct 1 is the first agency anywhere to offer R.

Rosen says his office began offering R. Response to the free program—which offers a lifetime return-and-practice policy worldwide—has been very positive, Rosen says. We currently have a two-month waiting list. Instructors wear a specially designed aggressor simulation suit that protects them during exercises. Mascione, who will likely teach the classes at the Montrose Center, feels the R. The training will be led by deputy Toni Mascione far right in the photo at left at the Montrose Center.

And she says her department is breaking down barriers by demonstrating that identifying as a woman makes you a woman. There are several other R. Rosen says his office has just begun advertising the program. For Mascione, teaching the class will be another way of giving back to the community she credits with helping her family rebuild their home following Hurricane Harvey.

Christina and I feel as though we can finally breathe and get back to normal life now, a year later. Isabella, Gabriel, and Ayden started at their new school and are doing just great. For more info, contact Mascione at or Toni. In This Season of Gratitude We count our blessings and give thanks for our great clients. We value your patronage and appreciate your continued support.

We are especially grateful for your kindness and confidence as we continue our mission to provide the finest automotive service by uniting the best technology, talent and leadership to create a relationship of trust that benefits our clients, team members and our community. Wishing you and yours a joyous season and all the best in the coming new year. When Rose asks Avery whether he fantasizes about guys, he deflects the question.

As they mop the theater floor and spool the projector, their individual struggles with being black, poor, and female play out against the glittery backdrop of Hollywood magic. She also directed The Flick during the summer of We, the theater audience, are the movie screen. The beam of light from the projector radiates out over our heads. You hear the clicking sound of the projector.

We even have theater seats. You fall in love with a person, not an idea of what their genitals might be like. I wanted these people to be quietly maybe even unconsciously fighting against their respective pigeonholes. I also grew up knowing lower-middle-class Jews, hyper-educated black people, and women who wear baggy clothes and no makeup, and yet it is so rare to encounter any of those people in plays and movies. It feels like those people are forced to wander outside of and on the periphery of plays and movies.

We are proud to have supported 48 local community groups and charities who played their part in making Galveston Island such a wonderful place to live for those of us lucky enough to live by the sea! Pictured are performers with playwright Fernando Dovalina, director Les Wood, music director Rob Seible, and current and former pastors. Pictured is the OutReach United board, representatives of the beneficiaries, and supporters. Pictured is the congregation with current and former pastors. By Kim Hogstrom. As an enthusiastic evangelical, Dyer had studied scripture for many years and felt she clearly understood its message: homosexuality is an abomination.

Yet, here was her own child—someone she loved more than life itself—presenting as what her church would consider a vile, abhorrent sinner. How could Dyer continue her life-long walk with God while also loving her gay son as deeply as she did? The cognitive dissonance grew agonizing. Something had to change. I learned it was the ones who were not out, who were not self-accepting, that were the most self-loathing, intolerant, and depressed.

Who would? Today, the private Facebook group has 4, mothers from every corner of the U. I recognized that I was fortunate to have any sort of warm bond, and that it fell to me to keep it that way. It took many months, and Dyer found few resources and less support. That lack of resources disturbed her so much that she set out to remedy it. A similar. She founded Serendipitydodah with a handful of like-minded women, but they hit a nerve and the group grew quickly. This year, there are nearly 4, members from every corner of the United States.

Love in Action Is there anyone on Earth busier than a mom? Know your status! Testing is the only way to know if you have HIV. No matter what your test results are, you can take steps to help protect your health. Starting and staying on treatment can help a person with HIV live a longer and healthier life.

Free Mom Hugs is an outreach project performed by members who love their LGBTQ kids unconditionally and also want to share their affection with other members of the community. Leading by example, they bring their loving hugs and acceptance to any place where people assemble including Pride events , hugging anyone who asks. Shappley, who lived in Pearland at the time, was a tea-party Republican and Biblethumping evangelist when her four-year-old, Kai, came out as transgender.

Today I see that by trying to change my beautiful daughter, by denying Kai and many others the right to be themselves, I was a hateful reflection of a loving God. I am still a Christian, but now I know my religion was holding me back [even while] my spirituality guided me forward. I think we are a part of the reason.

Kim Hogstrom is a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine. When he stepped down in to open a solo practice specializing in civil appeals, he vowed to return to the courts as a judge. In fact, he ran for a seat on the First District Court of Appeals in while still working there. That would have gotten you an invitation to go to Pat Neff Hall and speak to people in the administration. They have a. Spain is an Eagle Scout, and worked for three years as a district Scouts executive for the the Boy Scouts of America before coming out. At that time, the Scouts banned openly gay scouts and leaders.

In , the association dropped the ban on gay Scouts, and in the Boy Scouts of America finally reversed the policy and welcomed gay leaders. Flags are just the single most powerful political symbol. The thing about running for election is that you have to get out there and meet the people you are going to serve, and that meeting process teaches you something about the place where you live. Alabama Please call today to make an appointment.

By Don Maines. The Iranian-American singer half-expected cowboys and tumbleweeds when he moved here in I love how diverse, big, and sprawling the city is, and how there is a lot of opportunity for working in the arts. The singer and arts entrepreneur was born March 20, , in Laurel, Maryland, near Baltimore. She and her mom happened to be eating out in Louisiana and my father was their server. My mother was so impressed with how my dad treated her mom that she left her phone number on the ticket.

They became pen pals. His boyfriend is an atheist. Christmas concerts are probably my favorite concerts of the year. Anywhere people will let us. He currently teaches private voice lessons and prepares high-school students for vocal competitions. Don Maines is a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine. Following a remarkable fight, Hill succumbed after a lifelong battle with heart disease.


With his transition, the year-old took his enormous personality, groundbreaking life, unique brand of courage, and rare sense of humor with him. Coincidentally, Hill helped launch Omega House in the s. Its sole mission at the time was to care for dying AIDS patients who were often shunned by the larger medical community and abandoned by their families.

Attorneys, teachers, politicians, sex workers, recovering addicts, and journalists sat with Hill as he soaked up their love, and rewarded them with his stories. Even mayor Sylvester Turner spent a few private moments with. He was authentic, committed, and respected. But such positions are relatively easy to take and express now, [decades after] Ray blazed the trail. His parents, who lived in the working-class community of the Heights, were labor organizers. Hill came out to his family in while attending Galena Park High School, where he was quarterback for the varsity football team.

He claimed that he partied with Truman Capote. He also insisted that he could often be seen on the arm of Tennessee Williams. He began breaking into galleries at night—ones where he knew the inventory was insured. In , his life as a criminal screeched to a halt. He was serving time in a California jail for unrelated crimes when he was extradited to Texas for trial. With his return to Texas, Hill was tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison for years.

He quickly launched an appeal of the sentence and won. The year incarceration was shortened to eight, and in he was released early—a reward for being a model inmate. He would also share what he learned on the inside with anyone in need. During his regular call-in show on LGBTQ issues, Hill received calls from listeners who threatened to kill him—live, on the air.

He would respond by giving the caller directions to the station. He worked with San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk to pull off the massive event. If a group of people who should have been working together were divided, Ray would stir up trouble. He would unite them by making all of them mad at him instead. Ray never had to be concerned with losing everything, because he never had anything to lose. It was more important to Ray to remain untethered [rather] than comfortable. He is also a featured character in The Guy with the Knife, released in , about the murder of gay Houstonian Paul Broussard.

However, Gullett and art director Travis Johns of Proud Pony International had little choice but to heed numerous pleas to make it longer. The longer version will be released sometime in and is aptly titled Loud Mouth Queer. What compelled these filmmakers to tell the story of Ray Hill? He was a great choice for keeping the wheels moving, because he was in the thick of the movement from the beginning.

Supreme Court were his proudest moments. In , Hill was the plaintiff in The City of Houston v. That court decision altered law-enforcement practices across the nation. Hill was also heavily involved in Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that overturned antigay sodomy laws nationwide in Mayor Annise Parker, whom Hill charged with organizing the event, served as keynote speaker.

Hill requested six pall bearers—two cops, two ex-cons, and two members of AA. In keeping with his proudest achievement, the gravestone simply states:. HAR Ray Hill — U. Supreme Court decision — Houston v. Hill S. Within a short time, nurse Amy Morales and Hill became inseparable. The story of the River Styx is a tale that comes from Greek mythology. Styx was believed to be the river that served as the barrier separating the world of the living from the world of the dead. In order to cross the River Styx, a dead person had to pay a fee to the ferryman.

Do you have the LOOK? Shepherd www. I started to clean up his belongings without realizing why. When I found a goldcolored plastic coin that someone brought to help him scratch lottery tickets, it dawned on me: Ray was close to the River Styx. The chip was still there when he drew his last breath.

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